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male yandere&yangire
A blog dedicated to male yandere and yangire, as they tend to not get enough recognition. (sourced!) Submissions, suggestions and requests are very much appreciated!

Yandere/Yangire Male Routes in Bakudan Handan

Not sure if you’ve heard of this game (you may have), but there’s an otome visual novel released by Otomate called Bakudan Handan that’s essentially like Danganronpa except at a theme park. It was released in English by Aksys and has been titled "Sweet Fuse: At Your Side" in the US.

They may not be particularly popular with the majority of the fans, but there are two routes in this game with yandere/yangire male characters. I don’t know if you guys have played the game or not, so I probably shouldn’t mention the characters’ names hat fit into this category because it’s super spoiler heavy to the game’s plot. All I can say is that I’ve become pretty obsessed with the one that’s more violent (the other one is stalkerish), and I’ve become very interested in yandere/yangire characters as a result of this game (especially male ones!!).

So then I found your blog and followed it! Haha. xD

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Anonymous: Not sure if this has already been suggested, but there's a male yandere character in this indie RPG called Wadanohara. I'm not sure if revealing his name is a good idea since its part of the game's twist, but if you are still willing to know its (SpoilersSalSpoilers). So if you're interested in playing a game that has a male yandere in it, then I guess this game's for you even though he's not the main focus until the second half of the game, though I must warn you that the game has implied rape.

I’ve played the game myself, and while I’m on the edge on whether I’d say this particular character is a yandere (anon could have detained the name, seeing how it’s a big spoiler), it’s a great game and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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Male Yandere doodle [OC]

Thought.. maybe I could try to post it here, it’s a picture of my He yandere/yangire oc, whom I’ve had for many years now.

He used to be Yangire, but I changed that to Yandere a while back.

The girl is my friend’s oc, whom just happen to usually fall into the interest category of his.

His name is Emmet Will Crowley

and hers is Fay Killian White

I hope you guys don’t mind me posting it here.

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a pie chart showing the amounts of times each character in zero escape said “fuck”

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when art block hits, it hits hard o<-<

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Anonymous: I've got to say, I'm so glad Abide in the Wind was picked up by the LoneManga scanlation group last week after a year of no updates!! So happy for more male yandere moments!!
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Anonymous: If you're interested Amoralyn has started posting male yandere stories on tumblr, under the name Crazy for You. The 1st story is up and called The Spider's Web.
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Ibitsu Renai Kan - Yandere Oneshot

I just found out that Honomi Honda (mangaka of Risou no Kareshitachi) wrote another yandere oneshot called ‘Ibitsu Renai Kun’!!

The art looks amazing, and it’s a promising male yandere land mine, especially considering the mangaka’s previous work! Unfortunately, there are only French scanlations (since 2011) and it doesn’t seem like any English scanlation group has picked up this series yet. (Hoping someone from an English scanlation group will see this post and translate!!) 

The French scanlations by team Fuyu no Yo can be seen here.

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いろいろ ヤンデレ | isgoon


いろいろ ヤンデレ | isgoon

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Anonymous: For anyone who wants to try that Starstruck Love yandere iPhone game, if you punch in a referral code like: "G687Tf" on the name entry screen, you'll start off with 100 "platinum" (points that you can use to unlock bonus scenes and other goodies).
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